Saturday, 14 May 2011

Attack the Block - REVIEW

Yes fam, believe the hype and witness this movie.

Attack the Block is the debut feature from Joe Cornish, produced by Edgar Wright and Big Talk Productions. This is the dark and jokes tale of an alien invasion on a South London council estate, ya get me. It’s Aliens Vs Hoodies with only one conclusion- someone or something is gonna get owned. When the invasion begins, vexed gang leader Moses decides it’s time to get tooled up, defend the block and lead his tribe of youths back onto streets and fight for the estate. However, tings soon get real. Attack the Block is bare safe and at points amazingly deep. When you’re not running from aliens or blazing in the penthouse the film finely captures the innocence of lost youth, defining a generation without the gadgets and gizmos of modern technology. It’s an insight into the life of Britain’s youth culture rarely viewed, a life where surviving is the day to day aim. However, on this night it’s not the 5-0 the block needs to worry surviving against and Fifa is no longer a priority. There’s no time for kotching, this is a mission of extreme proportions. Attack the Block is sick blud, trust! Brap. Don’t get merked, see this movie.